Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: Yenny Cocq

Name: Yenny Cocq
Wohn- und Arbeitsort: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Hamburg Germany, Copenhagen Denmark
Etsy Store: yennycocq

Erzähl' uns ein bisschen von dir. Was machst und verkaufst du?
ich bin Kuenstlerin, Malerin und stelle auch Bronze Skulpturen her.
Welche Ziele hast du für deinen Etsy-Shop?
Meine kleinen skulpturen auch zu verkaufen, und zwar in den USA, Europa
Was ist ein Bestseller in deinem Etsy-Shop?
bronze paar (hochzeits geschenk)
Wie würdest du deinen Stil beschreiben?
Contemporary figurative sculpture
Wo und wie arbeitest du?
In Santa Fe in meinem Studio, oder in Daenemark sowie in Hamburg. Ja, ich weiss soooo viele Ateliers und deshalb will ich ja auch mehr mit etsy arbeiten.
Was würdest du dir für die Entwicklung von Etsy in Deutschland wünschen? Dass Deutsche schneller und unbekuemmerter online kaufen ;-)
Worin siehst du mögliche Vorteile für dich, Teil des German Etsy Street Teams zu sein? Ich bin dreisprachig und wuerde gerne so viel wie moeglich networking betreiben.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: Sofienkind

Name: Renate Etschel
Wohn- und Arbeitsort: München
Etsy Store: sofienkind

I am 36 years old and come from Vienna, Austria. Since 10 years I am living and working in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Once upon a time I studied Italien and Russian as interpreter and worked 7 years in Venice.... wonderful town, really!

In 2010 I moved to Munich and started to work in an event marketing agency. A couple of months ago I decided to quit my job in the agency and to start my own little craft business, designing and pimping shirts for children, sewing key chains and iphone covers, pillows and more.
I am married to the very best husband in the world and we have a wonderful 4 year old daughter called Sofie. She is inspiring all my work! It actually was her who was my first "customer". When she saw a little angel on a friends shirt, she said to me that she also wanted a shirt like this ... so you can guess what was on my first shirt... :-) Then I started to sew not only for my daughter, but also for the children of our friends and Sofies kindergarten-mates.

One day I needed a new key chain and had a look around in the shops nearby (that time I didn´t know about etsy ...) But I didn´t find something I liked, so I decided to make individual key chains on my own. This is my second passion nowadays ... seeking new, outstanding woven ribbons to sew on my key chains.


Ich würde gerne mit anderen Gleichgesinnten (Marketing)aktivitäten, Märkte, etc teilen und mit ihnen Erfahrungen austauschen.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: Jewellery By Mary Kate

Name: Mary Kate Burns
Location: Munich, Germany
Etsy Store: jewellerybymarykate

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I make handmade jewellery and accessories such as bookmarks and bag charms

What is the goal for your Etsy shop:
My goal for my Etsy store is to share my love of jewelery making by providing customers with unique pieces

What is your best selling item:
Only just joined Etsy so no best seller as yet

Tell us a bit about your style:
Haven't got a specific style yet - I am trying out different styles to find my niche

Is this your full time work?

I work full time as an English Teacher in a Kinder Krippe

Where do you work?
I make my items in flat and occasionally in the park

What is your hope for Etsy in Germany?
I would like Etsy to become a more popular well known and reputable name all over Germany
What do you hope to gain from joining the team?
I hope to share some of my crafting skills with others and hopefully gain some new ideas and find new ways of marketing my products.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Etsy Presentation Sneak Peak In München

The week before last, partly to test out my presentation and partly to get a jump on finishing early, I presented the workshop on project management that I will be giving next month at the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin. A small group of about eight showed up at the Glockenbach Werkstatt where the presentation was hosted, and much to my great joy (and relief) the presentation not only went well, it was well-received and according to the participants very useful.

My husband sat in the back jotting down feedback all the while (4 pages!) so there are still some aspects of the session that I need to tweak. So for all of those that didn't make it to the presentation in Munich, I'll be giving it again next month in Berlin!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Handmade in Germany = Einzigartige deutsche Handarbeit

Marlies Arndt arbeitet seit 1991 als Papiergestalterin. Inspiriert von der traditionellen japanischen Papierkunst fertigt sie wunderschön gemusterte Papiere zu modernen Designminiaturen und Alltagsbegleitern, z.B. edle Notizbücher, entzückende kleine Aufbewahrungsboxen und farbenfrohe Leporellos.

Mit viel Sorgfalt fertigt sie jedes einzelne Produkt von Hand und richtet ihr Augenmerk besonders auf klares Design und Vielfalt an Farben sowie Mustern. Ihre einzigartigen Papierwaren findet man auf diversen Kunsthandwerksmessen- und events in Deutschland sowie auf der beliebten Adventsmesse für Kunsthandwerk und Design in der Koppel 66, Haus für Kunst & Handwerk in Hamburg. Diese Messe findet an allen vier Adventswochenenden statt. Empfehlenswert!

Monday, August 8, 2011

München Meet-up: Hello Etsy Working Session Sneak Peak

This week I'll be sharing the workshop on project management for indie businesses that I'll be giving at the Hello Etsy conference next month in Berlin. I wanted to offer people in Munich who aren't going to the conference to participate as well as get feedback before the
conference so I can make any improvements to the talk.

The working session will:
  • Provide an overview of basic project management principles
  • Explain how to break down goals into step-by-step projects and tasks
  • Provide an Introduction to planning and time management
  • Discuss productivity techniques
  • emphasize the realities of running an indie-biz and maintaining balance
  • Provide a starting point for discovering and/or creating a process that works for you

The workshop will be in English and will be a mix of me presenting as well as hands-on exercises to help you apply the concepts to your own individual work, goals and projects.

When: Thursday, August 11 2011, 19:00
Where: Glockenbach Werkstatt, Blumenstr. 7, Muenchen
Sign up by visiting our Facebook Event page or leaving a comment in the comment field of this post.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: amKirschwald

Name: Jennifer Pätsch
Location: Berlin, Germany
Etsy Store: amKirschwald
Facebook page:
Twitter: @amkirschwald

Tell us a little bit about what you make.
I make handbags and accessories.

What are some goals for your Etsy store?
To sell something.

How would you describe your style?
Bold, modern, classic.

Is this your full time work?

Where do you do your work?
At home.

How would you like to see Etsy develop in Germany?
I would like to see it become as popular as DaWanda seems to be.

What do you see as some of the benefits/potential benefits of being part of the German Etsy Street Team?
Make some friends, learn some tips, not necessarily in that order.