Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: Jewellery By Mary Kate

Name: Mary Kate Burns
Location: Munich, Germany
Etsy Store: jewellerybymarykate

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I make handmade jewellery and accessories such as bookmarks and bag charms

What is the goal for your Etsy shop:
My goal for my Etsy store is to share my love of jewelery making by providing customers with unique pieces

What is your best selling item:
Only just joined Etsy so no best seller as yet

Tell us a bit about your style:
Haven't got a specific style yet - I am trying out different styles to find my niche

Is this your full time work?

I work full time as an English Teacher in a Kinder Krippe

Where do you work?
I make my items in flat and occasionally in the park

What is your hope for Etsy in Germany?
I would like Etsy to become a more popular well known and reputable name all over Germany
What do you hope to gain from joining the team?
I hope to share some of my crafting skills with others and hopefully gain some new ideas and find new ways of marketing my products.

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