Monday, June 21, 2010

Final June Giveaway from Buechertiger


Thank you for participating in this giveaway! In the next post, we reveal the answers that Hilke was expecting to see. Also, based on these answers, the followed entries according to the order of timestamp is accepted:

1. Paper Chipmunk
2. Amanda
3. The Geckos
4. lolamichele
5. Becca
6. Christina
7. Amie McCracken
8. Cannaria
9. Ruth (Book Focus)
10. fisiwoman
11. Wehaf
12. T+E

Following which, a random draw was performed with and No. 7 was drawn! That means Amie McCracken won this round of the giveaway. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you all for participating in this giveaway!

(I apologise for the lack of photo evidence as I am unable to access my own computer at this moment)

This is the grand finale of our June Giveaway!

Again the donor is Hilke of Buechertiger. - And you can win a total of 8 miniature books today, together with the bookshelf and the box above in which it is contained. You won't need to make extra room for it. - Well, not too much, because the box is an ordinary match box.

The books are all hand made, exactly like their bigger counterparts. The matchbox is painted with acrylic paint and covered in a piece of Hilke's paste paper. She says about her Mini Book Library:

"I like to make these teeny tiny mini books in my free time, out of scraps that I have left over from bigger projects. They do take a lot of time - I need about 2 hours to finish one of the tiny books. Some of them even have some hand written content.
I don't usually sell these mini books, but like to give them away to friends.
A lot of love for the materials and dedication to details went into the making, and I hope someone will win these who can appreciate them!
I made most of them during last weeks, and tried to make minis of some of the books that were mentioned in the comment section during the first weeks of the give-away."
To see the individual books in detail, and see a description of them, and their content, visit Hilke's blog.

To enter this last round of June's edition of the give-away, visit Büchertigers Bücherladen and tell us which book from the shop you can recognize as represented in the miniature set. (Through the used materials or overall look.) Of course the answers are not unambiguous, and we would love to see inventive answers from you. Please also include your email so that we can contact you in case you win, and to avoid spam write it like this: germany(at)streetteam(dot)com

As before, the shipping costs are part of the prize. The closing date is 30 June, with a winner announced and contacted. The winner will be picked via


Dies nun ist das große Finale der Verlosungen im Juni. Wie im ganzen Monat ist Hilke von Büchertiger unsere Spenderin.

Und diesmal gibt es nicht eines, sondern gleich 8 Bücher zu gewinnen, komplett mit einem Bücherregal und einer liebevollen Verpackung. Nun müsst ihr euch aber nicht ängstlich fragen, ob ihr überhaupt Platz für so etwas habt: Das alles passt in eine Streichholzschachtel.

Sie sagt über die Bücher:

"Ich mache gerne diese Winzbüchlein aus den Resten, die mir vom Beziehen und Zuschneiden der normalgroßen Bücher bleiben. Diese Minibücher sind aufwändiger zu machen, als es vielleicht im ersten Moment den Anschein hat: etwa 2 Stunden Arbeit stecken in einem einzigen der Büchlein. Einige sind sogar noch von Hand mit Inhalt gefüllt. Ich verkaufe sie normalerweise nicht, sondern verschenke sie nur manchmal an Freunde. Ich habe noch nie mehr als 2 auf einmal weggegeben, also ist dies nun auch für mich etwas besonderes.
Ich hoffe, dass jemand, der die Mühe und die Liebe die in jedem einzelnen Buch steckt schätzt, diese Mini-Bibliothek gewinnt.
Die meisten der Bücher habe ich in den letzten Wochen gemacht, und habe mich bemüht, einige der beliebtesten Bücher, die in den Kommentaren der letzten Wochen genannt wurden, nachzuahmen."
Auf Hilkes Blog sind alle Büchlein und ihr Inhalt noch einmal im Detail zu sehen.

Um an der Verlosung teilzunehmen, besuche Büchertigers Bücherladen auf Etsy und schreib hier einen Kommentar, in dem du uns mitteilst, welches ihrer Bücher du in der Mini Bibliothek wiederzuerkennen meinst. (Vielleicht erkennst du ja etwas von den verwendeten Materialien, oder der Gesamteindruck erinnert dich an eines der großen Bücher.) Die Antworten sind natürlich nicht ganz eindeutig, und wir würden uns über fantasievolle Ideen freuen. Bitte gebt mit Eurem Kommentar auch eine Emailadresse an, unter der wir euch erreichen können wenn ihr gewinnt, und zwar auf die folgende Weise, um Spam zu vermeiden: germany(at)streetteam(dot)com.

Unter allen Anmeldungen bis zum 30. Juni losen wir noch am selben Tag einen Gewinner aus. Der oder die Glückliche wird hier ausgerufen, und von uns angeschrieben. Wie in den Wochen zuvor auch, sind die Versandkosten Teil des Gewinns.


  1. So many possibilities. But I think most of all that the mini coptic binding and endband cleverly combine with the Asian stab binding to represent Hilke's instructional book on coptic endbands.


  2. What a gorgeous little library! The very last book in Hilke's post uses the same materials as the Hardcover Quarter Leather Binding with Leipzig Patterned Paper. is a pamphlet binding, and the large version looks to be something else! Hmm! Also the first one in the post has the same materials as the Hashtag binding in Hilke's shop. So, maybe there is more than one!?


  3. Hilke's books are marvelous. I see the Coptic Stitch for Tea Lovers on the tiny book shelf. I know it's not the full 140 page edition, but the tiny "cup of tea" has such a cute headband that it must be for the tea lover in me. Of course I think there are more, once Hilke starts the books just keep rolling in.

    Is this a MATCH? for the Matchbox Set? I hope so.

    Duane from Surfbunnydesign(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. These are the cutest things I've ever seen. You must really love doing this, it does seem it would take lots of time to do type of handmade work.
    I think it's the Travel Journal No. 14, Purple Swirl from your shop.
    Keep up the good work.

    April McGee-Riess
    Swagg Jewelry Designs

  5. is it red suede leather. it is red with the blue string like the little bottom right guy there. thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

    boswife @ gmail . com

  6. Those wee books are SO CUTE! Is that the Warm Brown and Golden Journal I spy?

    vana0063 at umn dot edu

  7. Christina - - I see Coptic Stitch For Tea Lovers!

  8. One of those looks like a Dazzling Cross Structured Journal to me. Very cute.

    amie_photos at hotmail dot com

  9. Aww cute little book! Well, I think my eyes caught red suede leather travel journal? I`m really interested...


  10. I only really can recognise the Red Suede Leather Travel Journal - I can't tell what the others are!! Although one looks really similar to the Travel Journal No. 14, Purple Swirl, which is a beautiful book too.

    I can't believe Hilke's giving away something which must have cost her so much time and energy - it's so nice of her!

    Email: kiwibooklover at gmail dot com

  11. Daiane Negretti

    OMG! So lovely! But i don't recognize anyone

  12. I think I recognize Coptic Stitch For Tea Lovers, but I'm not sure!!!! It's very difficult xDD

    Ana Belén R.M

  13. Die Schachtel hat das gleiche Cover wie das Travel Journal Notebook :)
    lisbonlioness at gmail dot com
    Gruss aus Leeds, UK nach Bonn!

  14. Oh my goodness, those are truly tiny books! I think I spy some green pages that match those of the The Smiley Oracle, or maybe of Green and Blue, or maybe they are all the same. There are mysteries here I can't unlock!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  15. I love miniatures, and I love to read, so, of course, my dollhouse people need an extensive library. Thank you so much for this delightful giveaway. Even if I don't win, it's a pleasure to see the creation.

    Based on the overall look, I think the "Art Journal for Tea Lovers - Version II" is included in this miniature collection. Note the red twine used for sewing the binding on the miniature book in the center of the top shelf! (And, since I also love tea, I love to think of such a book as being represented!)

  16. Thank you all for your participation! This giveaway is now closed. Watch out for the next post which will let you in on the answers and of course, the winner of this giveaway!

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