Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Schöne Bilder aus Schleswig-Holstein

You can see how talented Matthias Kirsch from Matthias Kirsch Photography is by viewing the lovely photos he took at the Gottorfer Landmarkt last weekend. The Landmarkt is one of Germany’s biggest fairs for all things connected to organic agriculture, energy, crafting etc. Lots of handmade goodness beautifully captured, thanks Matthias!


  1. Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing them!

  2. We actually found out that it is not one of the biggest but THE biggest fair of that kind in Germany. Just to add some superlatives... ;-)

  3. yep Büchertiger.. one of the many sides of Matthias that I love :D BTW, I learnt the next day, that the Gottorfer Landmarkt, it is indeed the biggest market for all organic and Bio, energy, crafting, food, etc, of Germany! We didn't know that, but was what they commented in NDR (TV channel) the day after the market... Looking forward to go tomorrow to the Norddeutschermarkt in Süderschmedeby and to meet P8 ! :)