Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Etsy Opening Party in Berlin

Last week I took a whirlwind road trip all over Germany with my husband, our ultimate destination being a small town in the Pfalz to celebrate Easter with his family. On the way we visited Berlin where we attended the opening party of the new Etsy Lab in Germany.

The location, as one would expect, was in a funky, interesting part of Berlin (but then, what part of Berlin isn't funky and interesting) in Kreuzberg. The building was probably at some point in time a Fabrik of some sort, but it now seems to be almost completely taken over by Etsy.

There were large Etsy posters highlighting sellers, a room with a complete table full of little odds and ends surrounded by a bunch of people feverishly basteling away.

Benedikte and Matt where making the rounds generously giving away freebies like Etsy pins and this cute bright yellow Etsy and Cut bag.

Our own Etsy Germany Street Team member Leocardia's products were on display. For those who were at the Munich meet-up you'll remember both her Brezn postcard and her fantastic Aligator (oder Krokodil?) cases:

The crowd was lively and there was lots of music, free drinks and even grilled bratwurst on offer. I didn't know too many people there except for a friend from Berlin that I had invited. However I was lucky to recognize Rebeccah from Schaufenster from her EGST seller post picture on this very blog, and we had a nice chat (until it got too cold to stay in the Hof).

Hopefully there will be more meet-ups and official Etsy events in the near future!

You can find more pix here from Etsy's Flickr pool:


  1. Yes, we hope that Etsy will be so successfull, that it will open an Etsylab in Munich soon, so we don't have to go so far...
    What a pitty, that we couldn't join. Seems, that you had much fun :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh!
    do tell, a small town in the Pfalz...where where??
    I'm originally from Ludwigshafen (in the Pfalz) but have lived in Ireland for the last 22 years.

  3. Yes, the party and the chat were nice. :) Thanks for posting this Eleanor!

  4. That looks like so much Fun,
    wish I could have been There!!!!

  5. Thanx for this insight Eleanor. Like everybody else I wish I would've been there!
    And I like your Dinglish - your deutsch/ english Sprachmix. We're getting closer and closer of becoming a truly bilingual blog ;-)

  6. No problem, thanks for all the comments and compliments on my superb Denglish. @ Iris: town in the Pfalz: Annweiler, heard of it? it's pretty teeny, but very cute.

  7. Thank you for your photos.
    Unfortunately my visit at Etsy in Berlin a week after the party did not take place.
    Benedikta´s email, concerning the date, went straight into my spam folder (where no other etsy email ever went in), and I found out to late, immediately before I had to return to Munich.