Thursday, September 1, 2011

Etsy Germany Street Team Sellers: Mika Scott

Name: Mika Sonnenberg & Brittany Scott
Location: Berlin
Etsy Store: Mika Scott
Website: (under construction)
Facebook page:
Twitter: @MikaScottBerlin

Tell us a little bit about what you make.
We are German goldsmith and American designer who make fine jewelry featuring organic textures cast from natural materials. All of our work is designed, cast and finished by us in our goldsmith and casting studio, where we work primarily with 925 sterling silver, various gold alloys and precious stones. Along with our natural line we also offer a small selection contemporary designs that include welded fine gold, 925 silver and precious stones.

What are some goals for your Etsy store?
There are always improvements to be made to our product photography and we would like to continuously upgrade our store to give it a more uniform and professional appearance. We would also like to become more connected to local sellers and become more involved in the local handmade community. Beause we are also always designing new pieces, we hope to continuously offer an ecclectic and well-rounded collection in our Etsy store.

What item has been a ‘best-seller’ in your Etsy store ?
Our Wrapped White Diamond Twig Ring has sold the most.

How would you describe your style?
Finely crafted, organic and elegant.

Is this your full time work?
Not entirely, though we hope to one day live from our work.

Where do you do your work?
In our casting and goldsmith studio in Berlin.

How would you like to see Etsy develop in Germany?
It would be great to see Etsy continue to gain more of a footing and Germany and grow as a resource for people in the country to shop locally.

What do you see as some of the benefits/potential benefits of being part of the German Etsy Street Team?
Being part of the team would hopefully allow us to make better connections with German designers and become more involved in the local handmade community in our own city. It would also make it easier for those who want to buy from local designers to find our store, which could help in some small way to strengthen the presence of Etsy in Germany.


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