Monday, September 6, 2010

September Giveaway - DIY Printable Wedding Invitation Kit from e.m.papers

Wir haben uns im August eine Pause gegönnt, aber das Etsy Germany Streetteam ist jetzt wieder zurück, und zwar mit einem neuen Giveaway für den Monat September! Eleanor von e.m.papers ist unsere Sponsorin diesen Monat. Eleanor verschenkt ein ausgesprochen benutzerfreundliches, DIY Set für Hochzeitseinladungen. Es enthält jede erdenkliche Art von Vorlagen, mit denen Du Deine Hochzeitseinladung produzieren kannst. Für nähere Details über das druckbares Set für Hochzeitseinladungen, am besten gleich in Eleanors Etsy-Shop vorbeischauen.

Als Teil dieses Giveaways bietet Eleanor an, den englischen Text des Sets auf Deutsch zu übersetzen, und die Dateien in europäische Formate (A2, A4 usw.) umzuwandeln. Sie bietet auch die Möglichkeit zwei der Farben im Set zu ändern.

Um am Giveaway teilzunehmen, lass uns einfach in den Kommentaren hier wissen, welches Produkt von e.m. Dir am besten gefällt. Der Giveaway beginnt heute (6. Sept.) und wird am 24. Sept. geschlossen. Die Gewinnerin wird am darauffolgenden Montag (27. Sept.) bekanntgegeben.


We took the month of August off but the Etsy Germany Street Team is back with a September Giveaway! This month’s sponsor is Eleanor of e.m.papers. Eleanor is giving away an easy-to-use DIY wedding invitation kit that contains every single template you need to produce ALL of your wedding stationary. For more details about the printable wedding invitation set you can view the kit in her Etsy Shop.

As part of the Giveaway Eleanor is offering to convert the text to German if desired, and convert the files to European sizes ( A2, A4 etc.). She is also offering up to 2 colour changes!

To enter just visit e.m.papers and leave a comment here telling us which of her products you like the best. The Giveaway starts today (Sept. 6th) and will close on Sept. 24th. We will reveal the winner to you on the following Monday, Sept. 27th!


  1. What a great shop - fun colors and fonts! I love the Morning Glory Wedding Correspondence Set; we're getting married next June and this would be such a lifesaver and still so stylish!

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  2. Beautiful works, I like the mother's day explosion card, and of the wedding sets I don't know if I like the classic monogram or awesome colors of the Morning Glory set better!
    My wedding is in June too! the 21st, summer solstice ^.^

    jjdolphine (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. I'm confused because I love the Garden Party Wedding invite you've featured, but the page for it first says " Please note only the wording is editable, the colors and design are locked and copyrighted."
    Followed by:
    "Color changes are available - $10 for one color and $5 for any additional color change."
    So are color changes ok or not? This invite would go perfectly with our wedding if only it were blue and yellow instead of green and yellow. I also think the Silhouette Wedding invites are neat and would work well for us, too (outdoor wedding near the beach and redwood forests in Northern California)!


  4. Hi lilDdownunder,
    Normally there is a fee for color changes, but part of this giveaway is that up to 2 color changes are included for free :-) So if you win we could definitely swap out the blue for green.

  5. We are having an outdoor wedding next spring- I think your Garden Party would be perfect!! I would love to win this, any money saved on a wedding is great!
    thecuttingetch1 at yahoo dot com

  6. I like the monogram printable suite. So cute!

  7. I love the Garden Party Wedding set!

  8. Other than the garden party set (which is so cute!) I think I'd have to pick the "Silhouette - Complete Wedding Invitation Set" Super cute stuff!

  9. Mir persönlich gefällt die RedMittens Weihnachtskarte am Besten :)

  10. I like her morning glory set!

  11. I adore the "Monogram - Printable Wedding Correspondence Set"!

    samyrocks92 at msn dot com

  12. Okay, the give away is officially closed, I'm going to enter the numbers in and announce the winner now...